T-Shirt Winner Chosen!!!

Unbeknownst to one publicity fox, Ms. Wampus had received more than a couple entries for the annual Morphicon t-shirt contest. One can only speculate on why the wampus cat would behave in such a manor (*cough* /evil/ *cough*) but it garnered the required results.

Help us congratulate Darkicewolf for the winning design. His wonderful art will adorn all those able to purchase a t-shirt this year (they'll be moderately priced, we promise!). Let's not forget the beautiful art of our runner-up, Bloodhound, whose art will grace the cover of one our publications.

To see the winning designs, as well as all the entries for the contest, please visit www.Morphicon.org. We thank all those who took the time to participate in the contest and look forward to seeing you at the con!

Morphicon room share.

Update room filled. Morphicon room share. Hi every one I’m Harpsirat mated to Pakrat and we both have full fursuits. I’m trying to decide to buy or to share a room for Morphicon. if someone has a room to share for two Rats let me know before April 15. The reason I need to know before April 15 is because the discounted room rate ends that day. if no one has space to share I will buy a room and will have space for two furs. I will arrive at the con on Thursday and will leave on Monday. Update room filled.         

Bob-Tailed Foxes & One-Week T-Shirt Deadlines

Shhh! Do you hear it? The wailing that sounds like a woman's scream? Make no mistake, that is not a woman - it is a wampus cat. A very /irritated/ wampus cat. Why is Kattywampus upset? It's simple - she needs your art. She /craves/ your art. With only a week to go until the deadline for the t-shirt competition (ends March 15th!), she has received very few entries. Her appetite is insatiable and she requires quantities of artwork.

Please help. I don't want to lose my tail (which is only one of the appendages that will go missing, I'm sure). I'll do anything. How about a free Patron registration? Fine. To the winner I will give the free Patron registration AND the design on the t-shirt for everyone to wear! As a further incentive to gather art, I'll even give away a free Sponsor registration to the runner-up PLUS the cover of the pocket programming guide! And I guarantee everyone who submits art relating to Morphicon's theme of Fables & Furry Tails will get inserted into the con book! All relevant details are located on the Morphicon website (www.Morphicon.org), written in a sweet and innocent manner by said wampus (don't be fooled!!!).

Help me keep the bob-tailed fox an Aesop's fable. Send your art. Eternal thanks will be yours. And remember, avoid slinking shadows in the night. It very well could be...the Kattywampus.

Morphicon T-Shirt Contest Now Open!!!

There once was a con in Columbus,
Who had a problem quite humongus,
The shirts to be worn,
Remain unadorned,
So we call upon you - please save us!

That right folks, we need your help! The t-shirts we so love to have every year are still blank slates in need of love. We're calling upon all artists, established or not, to submit your artwork for the annual Morphicon t-shirt contest. Entries need to be rated G to PG-13 and must relate to this year's theme Fables and Furry Tails. The deadline is March 15th and you could win a free Patron or Sponsor level registration!

For more information, including submission guidelines, please see our website - www.Morphicon.org. We look forward to see what kind of wonderful you can come up with!

Check Your Mailbox & Con-goers Wanted!

It has been a while since our last newsletter, but for those of you who attended Morphicon last year, you will be receiving your annual printed newsletter in the mail with the 2012 Fables & Furry-Tails flyer, and the first chapter of a wonderful story written by Heavy Horse, one of our GoH's this year. For those of you who were unable to attend, we will be updating the website with the same information this weekend (to allow time for the USPS to do its job) and posting the newsletter itself at our various media outlets (LJ included).

Also, since mailing out the newsletters, we've found we have attendees from everywhere. We would like to encourage this diversity and would love your help in doing so. If you are going to a con and would be willing to place Morphicon at the proper locations (as specified by that particular con) we would love to hear from you. Flyers can be printed ahead of time and snail-mailed to you or we can send you a copy of the current flyer suitable for printing. If interested, please note us here or send an e-mail to publicity[at]morphicon.org. You will receive our undying gratitude in exchange.

Calling All 'Suiters - Woollybear Parade!

If you're looking for possibly one last hurrah for the year, grab your fursuit and come participate in Woollybear Parade in Vermilion, Ohio on October 9th! The parade route is approximately one mile long and we would love to have you there to participate in the Morphicon entry. Full-suits and partials are preferred but we won't turn away anyone with ears or a tail. The only thing we ask if you have fun at one of the last events of the year! Come meet fellow furs and make a few friends. Those interested can contact Vidaroke, to whom we're very grateful, at xdarkfangx[at]gmail.com. More information on the festival can be found at www.vermilionohio.com. Hope to see you there!

Final Picnic Call for One and All

With a week to go until the Morphicon Annual FREE Picnic we are making one last push to get everyone signed up. We have a rat and a fox scheduled to do the shopping later in the week and we want to make sure you're included in our list. Please take a few minutes if you're planning to attend so we can ensure there are enough eats for you. You do not need to register with the Morphicon website to do so (though it would be nice), just visit Morphicon.org and click on the 'Annual FREE Picnic' link on the left. Enter your name and you're done! As of now we have just about half the number we did last year. Please, let us spend the money and feed you!

Days: Eleven Until Picnic Heaven

That's right! So few days until the Morphicon Annual FREE Picnic that you can count them on both hands (if you happen to be polydactyl)! There's nothing more we need you to do than mosey on over to Morphicon.org and lets us know you'll be there! Simply click on Annual FREE Picnic and signup (and perhaps register with the website as well?)! It's quick, it's free, and we just want to make sure we have enough to feed you! See you there!

Reminder: 3 Weeks Until Morphicon Annual Picnic

Just a friendly reminder to those who are interested, we have three weeks until Morphicon's annual FREE picnic on September 24th, rain or shine. We will provide the food, drinks, and things to keep you entertained by. We ask you to bring only yourself. Foods and beverage donations are welcomed and encouraged but not mandatory. Fursuits, partials, and tails are especially encouraged!
The whole shindig will be held at Sharon Woods Metro Park (link below). Basic amenities include fully functional bathrooms (!), walking trails, playground, and /lots/ of open area! Come join your fellow furs in having a good time celebrating the end of summer.
As we get closer to the picnic we will have an RSVP page up so we can ensure we have enough food. Until then, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail publicity@morphicon.org! See you there!

Sharons Woods: http://www.metroparks.net/parkssharonwoods.aspx