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Morphicon Newsletter February 2015 edition

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Morphicon 2015: Retro Gaming


Hello Morphicon Attendees!
The convention is drawing closer and we’re working as hard as we can to make Morphicon 2015 an exceptional convention. Our T-Shirt contest is getting underway with a March 8th deadline, so read the rules below before you start drawing! We’re also looking for panelists of all kinds to host events at the convention and submissions for our conbook. Finally, we’re taking a moment to tell you a bit more about the Ursa Major Awards and highlight one of our personal favorite features of convention: the Hospitality Suite, available to all registrants!
As always: read, enjoy, and send any suggestions for future inclusions to and I’ll be happy to make space in the upcoming newsletters!
See you in May,
Janushka, the Publicity Deer


The Early-Bird discount has been extended to April 1st! And that’s no joke! Registering before April 1st saves you $10 on any registration level below hypertrophe, so act now and save!

However, Hypertrophes must still be registered by MARCH 1st, so we can let our artist and guests of honor get to work on all the customized goodies that come with being our biggest supporters.

Remember that using the Morphicon hotel code gets you the guaranteed cheapest rooms in the hotel for the weekend, but the code disappears after March 18th. This year’s group code is MO5.


Get your art tools ready, 'cause it's time for our yearly T-Shirt contest! All you creative artist-types out there have until March 8 to submit line art that you'd like to see on this year's official convention shirts! Submissions should fit with the theme for the convention, Retro Gaming, and either include the convention name and year or have space so our convention artist can add the type to the image. Rules for the contest are:
 Contestants are allowed to submit multiple entries, but they can not win first AND second place
 Contestants must submit a black and white picture appropriate for display on a T-shirt by the end of the contest
 Artwork lines should be thick, resolution should be high, content should be PG-13 or less, and the art should be related to the theme for that year
 First place has their artwork placed on the T-shirt and receives a free patron registration
 Second place has their artwork used prominently somewhere else and receives a free sponsor registration
 All artwork submitted will be used on the website or in convention signage/publications.
 Art is Due by March 8th at Midnight EST
To make a submission for the T-Shirt contest:
Submissions may be edited to fit publication specifications and addition of text if necessary.


Morphicon boasts one of the furry convention circuit’s few hospitality suites that is open to attendees at ALL levels of registration. Our hospitality crew keep the con stocked throughout the day with hot dogs, chips, cookies, mountains of cold soda, and more—and that’s just for grazing hours. The suite also provides breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, including the annual pizza party to top it all off!
This year we regret to say that we will not be able to carry specialty foods for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions. This decision was made because it is very difficult to stock the variety of foods required to reflect the many types of allergies, and to streamline the Hospitality Suite. While we will of course stock a variety of foods, we cannot promise an allergen free area for those with severe allergies. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and we are giving advanced notice so that other plans may be made.


The nominations for the Ursa Major Awards are now open to the public! Every year, the nominees are chosen by an open nomination process, with the top nominees who have received more than one nomination going on to an open voting process. From the official website the rules for nomination are as follows.

To be eligible, a work must have been released during the calendar year 2014, and must include a non-human being given human attributes (anthropomorphic), which can be mental and/or physical; and must receive more than one nomination. The nominees that receive the top five number of nominations will go on to the final voting to be held from 15 March 2015.

Nominations close on February 28th, so go make one soon if you want to see your favorite anthropomorphic artists honored at our convention this year! To make a nomination, go to: and enroll. Remember, each nominee must have more than one nomination in order to make it to the final vote, so get your friends to support your nomination!


We are building Morphicon programing and we need panelists! People that have a passion for art, drawing, and especially writing are encouraged to submit ideas for leading a panel at the convention. Or if you simply have a strong connection to an animal type consider hosting one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Hosting a panel count as double the volunteer (or Gopher hours) and is a great way to get involved and experience the convention. If you have panel ideas or want to run one at the next Morphicon, please apply at


We’re re-launching our conbook this year and need you all, our attendees, to help fill it with your artistry. If you'd like to submit original illustrations, clip art, comics, poetry, or short stories to be considered for the conbook, send your hi-res images or vector files (or plain text) to

And don’t forget!

Follow Morphicon on Twitter (@Morphicon) and Facebook (Morphicon) for all the updates.
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