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April Newsletter and Upcoming Deadlines!

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Morphicon Miscellanea: Early April 2014 Edition
Scalies and gentlefurs, birds and more, come one, come all to Columbus, Ohio for MORPHICON 2014: Howls, Growls and Things Afoul
May 1st-4th
at the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington.
It’ll be a furrighteningly good time!


We’ve already booked enough rooms to fill our initial room block and are adding more, but the rooms are going quick this year! The hotel has completely sold out of double rooms already and only has the single kings remaining. Morphicon has programming morning, noon, and night, so even if you live locally it can be handy to have a room at the con. Remember that the room block for the convention closes on April 14th, so hurry on over and reserve your room now before they all vanish into the chilly night air. Be sure to use the Morphicon 2014 the code "MC4" to get in on the special Morphicon room pricing!


Do you enjoy lines? Do you desire to spend as much time in one as possible? If not, give Morphicon Pre-Registration a try! Pre-registration makes things run more smoothly and is easy to do. You will still have the option to upgrade your registration later, including at the door.


Picture it: the dazzle of the dance hall, the pounding of the bass, the cheers of furries, all because you, yes you, were there to mix it up. Morphicon is looking for DJs for the Friday night dance and we need you, yes really you, to show us what you’ve got. If interested in bringing what you’ve got to the Morphicon dance floor, contact

Morphicon is also pleased to be able to bring back Karaoke for this year, but we need someone who’s willing to keep the mic moving and the songs playing! If hosting a songfest is your sort of thing, then you’re the one we’re looking for. As before, contact to let the resident programming owl know.

Do you want to show off your fursuit? Then come to the Masquerade on Friday night where the focus is on the suits. If your fursuit is paw-made, come to the pre-judging at 8:00PM where our judges will ask questions about your suit and you may receive awards for your construction abilities. Then at 9:00PM, regardless of how you got your suit, come on-stage to show it off to our wonderful audience where you may receive an award for your performance. You do NOT need a skit or pre-planned performance. You can bring your own skit and music if you want, or you can just groove to the music we provide. There are different levels of awards based on if you're a minor and if you've won awards in previous competitions. Marcus Otter may be wandering around the con Friday trying to pull in unsuspecting fursuiters into his house of horrors AKA the Masquerade.


First of all, we want to thank everyone who submitted entries to our t-shirt design contest this year. From trick-or-treat cute to sinister and scary we had a great set of entries and hope that everyone will be back next year to take another shot at designing the next great Morphicon t-shirt! This year’s winners were:

First Place Nutcase
Second Place: The Jeweled Horn

Enormous thanks to everyone involved and we can’t wait ‘til you all see it in person!


Morphicon will be hosting a live drawing session as in previous years as a workshop for artists over the age of 18. It’s a unique opportunity that you won’t find at many other cons and we need the models to make it happen. If you are of age would be interested and comfortable with modeling for a nude drawing session, please contact No photography, video, or other image capturing of any sort other than the drawings themselves will be permitted at the panel.


We are still looking for someone to run the Canine Special Interest Group meet! If you’re up for maintaining some semblance of order among a pack of canine (we personally suggest a whole lot of ball pit balls), please feel free to put in your name. This can be as low key and relaxed or energetic and planned as the individual host wants it to be. However you like to play party host, that’s what we need! Once again—perhaps for the last time this newsletter—if interested contact

If you haven’t already, go ahead and click this link!

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