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February Newsletter and End of Hypertrophe/Early Bird Registration

Morphicon Miscellanea: February 2014 Edition
Scalies and gentlefurs, birds and more, come one, come all to Columbus, Ohio for MORPHICON 2014: Howls, Growls and Things Afoul
May 1st-4th
at the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington.
It’ll be a furrighteningly good time!


The discounted early-bird registration ends soon!
All who register before March 1st receive a $10 Early-Bird Discount, a whopping 25% off when registering at the Basic level! Hypertrophes must register before March 1st so we can have their customized items completed in time for the start of the convention

Cliiiiiiiiick it. Click the link. Click it now before you forget!

Anyone who has a discount towards Morphicon 2014 should have received a confirmation notice from CJ. If you thought you had a discount but did not receive a notice, or if you have any other questions dealing with Registration you can contact CJ


We've got a pretty scary themed con lined up for you this year, however the Spectacle of Doom (our scripted skit show) doesn't have to be scary to put together. That's where you, the faithful con attendee comes in. The Spectacle of Doom is looking for actors, puppeteers, voice actors, and stage hands to help make our show less of a horrifying experience and more of a fun time everyone can enjoy. If you are interested in performing, please come to the Griswold C ballroom during the casting call to pick up a role. Once you got your roles, there will be a script reading before dinner break, and then we return to the Griswold for rehearsals. After we've rehearsed each act, we'll be ready to perform before the audience. If you have never performed for the Spectacle of Doom before, this will be a terrific experience to get your performing aspirations off to a running start. Our director, SonicBlu, will help you along the way to help your experience with the Spectacle of Doom a more pleasant one.


Have a unique skill to teach? Some fun stories to share? Just want to get people together to chat and have a good time? Why not run a panel at this year’s Morphicon? Every year we have a dazzling array of events for all the con’s attendees to enjoy and it’s thanks to the work and dedication of folks like you who share their time and talents. We especially need Special Interest Group panels (e.g. SiG: Canines) for the meet and greet types! To submit panel ideas and volunteer, contact

Have you got a skit you've been working on and would like some stage time to perform
it? You can do so during the Furry Variety Show/Morphicon Tonight! Just come to Furry
Variety Show (FVS) rehearsals and bring your material with you. If you don't have any
material but you would still like to perform on the stage, just talk to SonicBlu during FVS rehearsals, and we'll fit you in. With thousands upon thousands of background songs at our disposal, we can easily give you your 2 to 5 minutes of fame right on our stage. Don't be shy, just come to FVS rehearsals and RSVP to be in the show. The FVS will be combined with our late-nite talk show, Morphicon Tonight, so performance times will fluctuate, depending on how many acts are queued and reserving at least 30 minutes for interviews with the guests of honor. The show always starts off with our traditional "Silly Fursuiter Tricks", so at one point or another,
SonicBlu Darkfold may be wandering around the con floor looking to pick out a random
fursuiter at random to open the show. If you are interested, just do something silly for SonicBlu, and he may just select you to appear as the show's opener. If you're not interested, don't worry. Nobody will be forced into doing anything they don't want to do. Simply tell SonicBlu whether you are interested or not when he springs the question: "How would -YOU- like to open Morphicon Tonight with your silly fursuiting tricks?"


Attention all wannabe comics, laugh factory professionals, and those that have never performed live standup comedy (but always had that dream.) You will want to RSVP to appear on our stage for the Atomic Comedy Hour of Doom, which will be going on the stage right after the Spectacle of Doom. Depending on how many people we have signing up, the routine time per participant may fluctuate to conciliate with the one-hour time bracket. Again, RSVP beforehand first, before getting any stage time. If you have not been able to RSVP for a slot, please ask SonicBlu at any time if there is any room in the lineup to jump behind the microphone. We may have a spot open for you. First come, first served, so brush up on your comedy routines and RSVP early. The Box of Doom" will return this year and will be located at the bulletin boards. Fill out those slips and drop them in the box to RSVP. Details at opening ceremonies.


Details for this year’s t-shirt design contest are available online and the contest is underway with the deadline looming ever nearer. The first place winner gets FREE PATRON REGISTRATION to the convention and their art on the t-shirt. A second place prize will also be awarded to the tune of free Sponsor registration and artwork displayed in a yet-to-be-determined location for the convention. Deadline for artwork submission is March 9th. All submissions must be appropriate for a general audience. Pre-reg discounts will be extended for ALL who make a submission (not applicable to Hypertrophe level)!
Multiple submissions welcome!

Check here for the rules:

While you’re clicking links: Try that one!

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