Morphicon Publicity (morphiconpub) wrote in ohiomorphicon,
Morphicon Publicity

Bagstuffing Party - Saturday April 28th

Morphicon is just around the corner, and we need to put together the conbooks as well as fill up the convention bags. Every year people show their love through HARD PHYSICAL LABOR, and this year is no different. No, really though, we do need people, and the work isn't that hard. It's more of a slight distraction from seeing everyone before the convention. Think of it as the first unofficial day of the con!

We'll have snacks/drinks and then later on in the evening, pizza! Mmmn, pizza. But please keep the pizza off of the conbooks. This isn't Morphicon 2012 : Greasy Pizza Hands.
So, like, how can you possibly beat that deal? Good friends, free food, and all you have to do is play assembly-line slave for the convention for as long as it takes till the books are all done.
As an aside, we're also making props for the Spectacle of DOOOOMMM alongside the bagstuffing.

April 28th (Saturday) - 6pm


1350 Wild Oats Dr. Columbus, OH 43204
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