March 23rd, 2015

Morphicon Newsletter March 2015 Edition

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Morphicon Miscellanea: March 2015 Edition

Morphicon 2015: Retro Gaming

Dearest Morphicon Attendees,
Scarcely over a month remains before the convention and there’s plenty still to do! Our staff is busy ‘round the clock to make sure that Morphicon 2015 is the best Morphicon yet and we sure are excited for what we have coming. If you haven’t had a chance to register yet, make sure to do so before April 1st to get the Early Bird discount. The special is no joke!
Over the next two weeks we will be accepting contributions to this year’s Con Book and want your input to fill it up with fun! If you have a short story or artwork that you would like to submit, please send it to for inclusion in the Con Book.
We are grateful to you all for your patience while we figured out how to resolve the hotel booking issue. Our hotel code (MO5) has been extended through April 9th, so there should be plenty of time to book if you were unable to complete a booking previously. But the sooner the better, still!
Read on for more info on the Ursa Major nominees and a special event for our eyes only!
Seeing you soon,
Janushka, the Publicity Deer

The Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Awards, a.k.a. the Ursa Major Awards, will be presented at Morphicon this year, but before they can give the awards, people need to vote for the winners! The list of nominees has been released by the committee and the voting is open to all. To vote, go to and sign up for a key. Since anybody can vote, make sure your friends all know they can have their say in the best anthropomorphic arts whether or not they are attending the convention!
Voting closes on April 15th.

At Morphicon only this year! Join filmmaker Ash for a test screening of his long-awaited documentary: "Furries: A Documentary." Filmed over several years throughout Ohio and beyond, the film follows a select group of furries as they explore their own identities and the furry community as a whole. Whether you're new to the fandom or a veteran, there is plenty to enjoy and discover in this lighthearted film, including scenes filmed at Morphicon itself. Stick around after the credits for a Q&A with the filmmaker and several of the main characters.


This year’s programming is shaping up to be busy as ever and our Guests of Honor have some great ideas for what they want to share with you all. But we can still use plenty or help! We have yet to locate a Canine SiG panelist, so if you’re feeling social and canine (really, those seem to go hand in hand) please consider volunteering. If you want to drop the beat for the weekend dances, we still need DJs to keep the music pumping. And finally we are looking for potential models for the Nude Drawing and Fursuit Live Drawing panels. Age restrictions of course apply. If you’re interested in any of these options, send an email to
We’re also still looking for a few more art panels to round out the offerings this year! If you are of the creative type and like to teach others how to do what you do, send a line to


Whatever the work we the staff do, there’s always plenty more to be done that we can’t get to. That’s where our Gophers step up to make the con run smoothly. Year after year, our fantastic gopher crew has kept us running and our staffers sane—as much as they were sane to begin with. Gophers will do everything from setting up the dance hall to helping restock the food in the Con Suite to watching over the video game room when our gaming track person needs the sort of break Mountain Dew can’t solve. Gophering is a great way for even newcomers to help out the convention and meet some fine folks along the way.
You can gopher for just an hour or two or you can help us out throughout the convention. The hours you work will all go toward a discount on Registration for the following Morphicon, so you’re paying it forward to yourself as well! If you’re interested, send an email to to give us an early head count and get more info on what you can do.


As mentioned above, we are looking for submissions for this year’s Con Book! This can be short stories, small pieces of artwork to intersperse throughout, or even larger pieces that dazzle the eye as one flips through the book. If you'd like to submit original illustrations, clip art, comics, poetry, or short stories to be considered for the conbook, send your hi-res images or vector files (or plain text) to The pages will be 5.5” by 8.5” and submission that fit with this year’s theme, Retro Gaming, will be given priority. Please send all submissions to by April 5th to ensure they can be properly incorporated into the book.

And don’t forget!

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